Small Team Items

Get Creative with your Training

In the IT industry we are always having to train our agents on the latest technology, but discussing the feeds & speeds of the newest tech to our teams can get tedious. Slides of data sheets can be dificult to deliver and even more difficult to learn from. During Geek Week get creative. Find ways that the "Mega Powers can go over how a PDU can be discussed on your server calls and how a UPS can save you from power failures.

Fun helps keep employees happy – Employee happiness is essential for a smoothly-functioning, effective business. Even the smallest gestures can help your employees be more satisfied with their jobs. Of course, we know happy employees = happy customers and happy customers are more likely to continue to do business with your company. Finding fun themes to overlay to your training will get people excited to attend and learn. We have seen at Ingram Micro an increase of training retention and goals success with our Geek Week training. People remember years later that one of their managers played the role of Mean Gene Okerland interviewing their tech Power lead as Randy 'Macho Man' Savage talking about full solutioning techniques with vendors like APC and HPE. Making your training standout gives it memory retention and can yield better results with your team.

Geek Week: The Menu

Good food and good company are two of life's simplest yet greatest pleaures.

Whether it's a pot-luck event, sharing recipes, or having a coffee day, nothing brings people together like food. Ingram's Solution Design and Services team has done each of these things to bring our teams closer together. Having fun competitions like Chilli Cook Off, Cupcake Wars, The Full Solution of the best cup of Coffee can get employees excited to talk with one another about their favorite recipes and share a personal side that co-workers don't often get to see.

Pop Culture goes beyond books movies and TV, we have people on our teams that are foodies, coffee lovers, and beer afficionados, get them talking about those things that they love and you'll get them working together stronger as a team. Employees can get to know each other – This is an especially great benefit if your company has multiple departments or locations, and many employees don’t know each other very well. Building stronger relationships internally can help with teamwork, respect and communication.

After Hour Events

There are so many online tools now that allow us to get together and have some fun gaming together no matter where we are in the world. Trivia nights, virtual board games and online gaming are all fun ways to get your team together to have some fun and build your team dynamic.