IT's Geek Week

Every year in the first week of May we celebrate Geek Week!

Welcome to geek Week

Walk into any office and you'll see everyone from front line employees to directors, decorating their desks and cubicles with a representation of fandoms and pop culture items that they enjoy. Geek Week was created as a bridging tool, that tapped into those pop culture themes, to open communication and bring people on the team together. The IT industry would not be what it is today if not for the innovations and creative ideas that spring from the Fiction created. Computers, cell phones, the internet all existed in fiction before they did in the real world, those stories inspired people to make what they read about in books or saw in movies real. The things we celebreate during Geek Week are the foundations of the technology we work with every day.

The origin story

An annual event that kicks off every year the first week of May, it was born in Ingram Micro's Solution Design and Services department in 2013. Originally a week-long event with various pop culture themes in SDAS it grew to a campus wide event in their Buffalo office to a global event celebrated at Ingram offices in the US, Costa Rica and the Philippines.

Training sessions and team building events are the core of Geek Week. In the tech industry there are constant changes and advancements. Keeping employees trained on all the new information can be tedious at times. Overlaying pop culture fandoms on top of the training we were delivering made them fun, new and drove participation. SDAS agents were excited to attend a training on cyber security when they found out it was being delivered via Scooby and the Mystery Inc gang.

Team building events include trivia nights where your Geek Week knowledge is tested. Bracket style competitions where the company voted on things like favorite super-hero movie or overall favorite television show. After hours gaming events of board games and videos games brought people from all over the company together for battles of Mario Kart or intense battles of Risk.

Gamification and friendly competition of our daily metrics are also a part of Geek Week. Contests like Tech-Mania, where contact center agents would aim to create great customer experiences and hitting all of their daily metric goals. Geek Tank where Ingram employees would use Sales Gym techniques to pitch a team of Geeks their best sales pitch on their latest idea. Even in house escape rooms were created at Ingram where participants have had to escape magic schools, super hero headquarters or ancient tombs using sponsoring vendor tech knowledge, company knowledge and puzzle solving skills.

The IT Industry and Geek Week

Geek Week and the IT industry go together like Kirk and Spock, it just works. Everyone involved in the Tech Industry loves gadgets and latest advances, a lot of that spawned due to Science Fiction and fans getting involved with tech trying to make fantasy a reality. In fact if it wasn't for Star Trek we wouldn't have tech like cell phones, automatic doors, tablets and more.

Themes and Events

Geek Week is celebrated the first week of May due to the number of Pop Culture historical items that take place this week. Holidays, birthdays, and the kick off of summer block busters all hitting at this same times made it easy to celebrate so many fandoms inclusive to all. Daily themes based on these dates influence our training sessions and events for Geek Week.

The Month of May is filled with fun official holidays like those listed below and always kicks off the big summer blockbuster movie season in theaters. You'll also find that it is Free Comic Book Day the first Saturday in May at your local comic shop. May 9th is Goku Day, May 21st is Talk Like Yoda Day and 25th is Geek Pride Day.

May 1st

  • Officially: Batman Day

  • Premieres:

    • 1999 Sponge Bob

    • 2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine

    • 2015 Avengers Age of Ultron

May 2nd

  • Officially: The Battle of Hogwarts Day

  • Birthdays

    • The Rock (movies and WWE)

    • Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

  • Premieres:

    • 2003 X-Men 2

    • 2008 Iron Man (Birth of the MCU)

    • 2014 Amazing Spiderman (Garfield)

    • 2018 Cobra Kai

May 3rd

  • Officially: Paranormal Day

  • Birthdays

    • Dule Hill (Psyche, West Wing)

  • Premeires

    • 1996 The Craft

    • 2002 Spider-Man (McGuire)

    • 2011 The Amazing World of Gumball

    • 2013 Iron Man 3

May 4th

  • Officially: Star Wars Day

    • May the 4th Be With you

  • Birthdays

    • Will Arnett (Lego Batman)

  • Premieres

    • 2007 Spider-Man 3 (McGuire)

    • 2012 The Avengers

    • 2021 Star Wars the Bad Batch

May 5th

  • Officially: Star Wars Day - Revenge of the Fifth

  • Officially: Cartoonist Day

  • Birthdays

    • Henry Cavil (Superman, The Witcher)

    • Lance Henrikson (Aliens)

  • Premieres:

    • 1977 The Love Boat

    • 2006 Mission Impossible 3

    • 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy 2

May 6th

  • Officially: Space Day Day

  • Birthdays

    • George Clooney (Batman)

  • Premeires

    • 2011 Thor

    • 2016 Captain America Civil War

    • 2022 Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

May 7th

  • Free Comic Book Day

  • Birthdays

    • Alexander Ludwig (Vikings)

  • Premeires

    • 1997 The Fifth Element

    • 1999 The Mummy

    • 2010 Iron Man 2

How can you celebrate IT's Geek Week?

Look for updates on Linkedin

Go to Ingram Micro's Linkedin page to see Geek Week updates on events, training videos, articles and more in the month of May. Follow #ITsGeekWeek there and on other social media platforms.

Geek Week The Training and Quizes

Create training for your buisness with a fun Geek Week twist.

Geek Week The Dress Code

Assign different days during Geek Week to wear various colors to represent your fandom

Geek Week The Events & Activities

You can host trivia nights, board game nights or even virtual escape rooms.

Geek Week The Menu

Share fun recipes and more because being a foodie or a coffee nut is fandom as well

Geek Week The Podcast

You can listen to the IT's Geek Week Podcast

Geek Week The Gallery

Use Geek Week to bring in your community engagement teams and show how fandoms are supportive to various groups.

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